Third Month of Pregnancy Diet

3rd Month Pregnancy Diet Chart

So, now that you are towards the end of your first trimester, you must be feeling euphoric. While there are things that might still bother you, like feelings of nausea and insatiable hunger, you can remain assured of the baby’s good health when you are following a proper diet plan. Having said that, here is what you can add and avoid in your third month of our pregnancy diet plan now that you’ve moved on from the 2nd month diet plan.

Diet for Third Month of Pregnancy

What to eat when pregnant

1. Fresh Fruits:

Fruits contain water, antioxidants and natural sugar. These are the best sources of energy for your body at this stage. Among the best fruits for pregnant women are fruits like guava and banana. They help you with weight gain during this stage. (Yes, you need to gain some weight during pregnancy)

2. Vitamin B6 Rich Foods:

Research shows that mood-swings and the feeling of nausea is usually at a peak level during this month. Often you might feel fatigued and tired. Vitamin B6 rich foods can reduce nausea and improve your moods. Get a steady dose of Vitamin B6 with foods like eggs, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.

3. Folate:

This is one of the most important nutrients for pregnant women. Make sure to add foods like eggs, oranges and broccoli to your diet to get nourished with folate.

4. Iron:

Iron is a vital component for pregnancy diet. Add foods like oatmeal, beans, beetroot and meats to your diet to get you and the baby nourished with iron.

5. Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are energy-boosting sources for you and the baby. Include whole grains and other sources of carbs in your diets as they are one of the most important foods in the third month of pregnancy diet.

6. Meats:

For non-vegetarians, meat is a good source of proteins and minerals. Add them to your diet plan and savour the taste. Just make sure that the meat is well cooked before consuming.

7. Milk Products:

Like for the previous stages of pregnancy, milk and milk products are essential components for a healthy baby. Milk provides calcium and minerals for the fetus which are crucial for its development.

What to avoid when pregnant

1. Seafood:

Avoid seafood completely during your pregnancy days. Seafood contains a deadly compound called methylmercury which can be responsible for impairment of brain function in the fetus.

2. Junk food:

At this stage of pregnancy, you will be tempted to eat junk food. Try to avoid them as much as possible as they can affect your hygiene in a bad way. This kind of food contains harmful microorganisms which may result in complications during your pregnancy.

3. Unpasteurized milk products:

Avoid using unpasteurized milk products and use homemade milk products instead as they are healthier and are free from harmful food poisoning elements.

4. Tinned food:

Avoid tinned foods as they may contain sugar, salt or artificial preservatives in an excess amount.

While there are a lot of advice and recommendations for pregnant women, nothing is as good as the doctor’s advice. Therefore, always make the time to reach out to your doctor for advice on your diet and everything else related to your pregnancy.